• Worst In Show captures some of the personalities that work the ugly dog contest circuit with the same determination of stage mothers who devote their lives to pushing their daughters to participate in child beauty pageants.

    The Irrationality of Love and Art,
    The Huffington Post

  • You’ve seen Best In Show, so you pretty much know the turf battles and growling that can occur en route to dog show trophies. Among owners, that is — the dogs always seem stoked to be there even if some are a wee bit trembly.
    -Scruff Love

    The San Francisco Bay Guardian

  • Don goes to the movies to compare “Rango” to “Worst in Show.”

    Ride the Hideous Country,
    Pacific Sun

  • “It’s about the people and controversial attraction that made it happen in the past and today. If you’ve heard of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, you likely want to know more about it, and “Worst in Show” delivers on both informativeness, including critical judgment against its allegedly cruel cause, and character.”

    Review: Worst in Show,
    Nothing But The Doc

  • “This is Toddlers-with-Tiaras Syndrome for the four-footed.”

    A Pack of Humans in Dogged Pursuit of Glory,
    Berkeley Daily Planet

  • Looks, however, aren’t everything. What Worst in Show makes clear is that beyond the glory, beyond the titles, and beyond the TV morning show third hour interview slots, all the owners profiled in the film have a deep bond with their animals and, whether consciously or not, have become advocates for adopting the least attractive in the litter.

    IndieFest in Focus: Worst in Show’s Stars Have Faces Only Their Owners Could Love,

  • While the dogs were plenty interesting, it turns out the real story is the friction between the owners. The real-life drama validates the ridiculous behavior seen in the 2000 mockumentary ‘Best in Show.’

    ‘Worst in Show’ Could be SF Indie’s Best in Show,
    Benicia Patch

  • Puppies are cute, and dogs are lovable. Right? Not always.

    Ugly dogs take over Oxford,
    The Daily Mississippian

  • It’s a dream of many dog owners to have their dog be proclaimed “Best in Show.” But “Worst in Show”? You’d be surprised.

    Fun New Dog Film: “Worst in Show”,
    The Dog Blog

  • Check out the TV appearance by Don and John on KOIN 6, Portland!

    Here’s Don and John on KATU, Portland!

    Check out the Seattle Humane promoting the movie on New Day Northwest!

  • Of course, the real rivalry is between the owners, not the dogs.

    Petaluma’s World’s Ugliest Dog Contest Headed for the Big Screen,
    Petaluma Patch

  • I’m betting that this doc will be the sleeper hit of the SF Independent Film Festival

    WORST IN SHOW, The Documentary,
    Tango Diva Travel Blog

  • But the funniest thing happens while watching this sweet, hilarious and startlingly touching documentary by John T. Beck and Don R. Lewis; the problems of an ugly dog become secondary to the personalities of the human competitors.

    Worst in Show, SF Indiefest 2011,
    Mr. Movietimes

  • Doc Worst in Show understands this basic drama and finds plenty of eager players in the canine and bipedal contenders, both new and returning, at Petaluma’s annual Ugliest Dog in the World Competition.

    Short takes on Indiefest ’11 – Page 4,
    San Francisco Bay Guardian

  • the filmmakers soon discovered an ugly-dog contest circuit had developed, and they began interviewing experts on various aspects of the phenomenon.

    Petaluma ugly-dog contest film to show in S.F. festival,
    The Press Democrat

  • We San Franciscans are lucky when it comes to film.

    IndieFest Features ‘Dogumentary’ and Film on Werner Erhard’s Est Movement,